Chef Jenny (my nom de food!)

June 5th, 2021 I watched the movie Game Changers on Netflix and experienced a huge internal paradigm shift resulting in becoming Suddenly Obnoxiously Vegan


I used to go to people’s houses and scoff if they didn’t have cream or full fat milk for my tea and coffee, and frankly I was kind of pissed off when someone became vegan because it felt like it limited MY choices about what I could either cook for them or eat with them, two of my favorite activities.


Me being me, I decided to go vegan all of a sudden rather than gradually.  I have since been obsessively researching recipes, buying new foods, trying to change the make up of my plate, learning tricks and basically drinking the (vegan) Kool-aide!

With my love of cooking and feeding people powering my obsession, I’ve been developing a menu of delicious, healthy, irresistible vegan cuisine and I look forward to sharing that with you!


By narrowing my scope to using vegan items (no dairy or animal products including eggs) I actually find myself feeling very free to explore and create menus that are healthier, more visually appealing and limitless in the possible combinations than before as a “regular chef”


I’m available to cater, teach, consult  and am working on a series of essays about my journey.  Contact me