Arrangment for Hotel Lobby

Memorial Flowers

After graduating college and moving back to California in the early 90s, I decided to become a florist.  I got a job at one of the outdoor carts that are ubiquitous in the Bay Area and started to learn the names of flowers and how to make bouquets.  After working in that environment, I decided I wanted to learn how to really be a florist and so I applied for work at a unique upscale shop and worked my way up from washing buckets, to learning how to design floral arrangements to being the manager.   Those years were some of my favorite in terms of getting to be around flowers full time and I learned an enormous amount about the business, including how to buy from the flower market and process all the different varieties of branches, greenery and flowers.  I continued to keep my hand in floral arranging doing private events for friends over the past 30 years and it remains one of my absolute favorite job to do.  I look forward to sharing my knowlege and love of flowers, working within your budget and vision to bring all the colors, smells and beauty of flowers to your wedding, birthday, dinner or other event.